Schedule 80 Grey PVC Fittings

Schedule 80 PVC Fittings 
• Applicable pressure de-ratings at elevated temperatures apply. All Plastic Piping systems must be designed for potential Hydraulic Shock (water hammer), see Section 12, Engineering Data. 
• PVC Schedule 80 Fittings are produced in accordance with the following standards - ASTM D1784, ASTM D2467 (Soc Fittings), ASTM D2464 (Threaded Fittings). 
• Flanges are 150 lb. ANSI 816.5 dimensioned. 
• Threaded crosses, wyes, reducing wyes, 30° elbows, 22° elbows, threaded fittings, line couplings, repair couplings and many other fittings are available on request. 
• F indicates a fabricated fitting. F* Indicates moulded or fabricated available. 
• All 1/2" - 16" Molded flanges have a 150 psi Maximum Internal Pressure Rating @ 73°F (23°C).
• All 10" - 24" Fabricated flanges have a 50 psi Maximum Internal Pressure Rating @ 73°F (23°C). 
• No provisions have been made for pressure surges, water hammer, or other conditions which should be considered. 
• All Socket Unions have a 235 psi Maximum Internal Pressure Rating @ 73°F (23°C). 
• Please note some brands are not interchangeable, please specify if you are requesting a specific brand.