Schedule 80 Grey CPVC Fittings

Chemkor Schedule 80 CPVC Fittings

Specify Fabco CPVC Piping for Commercial and Residential Water Applications

Use CPVC Schedule 80 Piping Systems instead of Copper for Hot and Cold water. Fabco

CPVC Pipe meets 25/50 Flame-Smoke Development Standards (CAN/ULC-5102.2). Sweating copper is time-consuming and expensive. Copper prices, along with higher installation costs can put Copper expenses to almost triple the installed cost of Fabco’s CPVC System. For Hot and Cold water, Specify CPVC Schedule 80 from Fabco for your next Commercial or Residential project. 

CPVC benefits over Copper include:

* 50% less material cost

* 66% less labor cost

* Less attractive to jobsite theft

* Lower heat-loss

* Easier to handle

* Easy transition to copper/PEX

* Corrosion free