Schedule 40 Grey PVC Pipe

Schedule 40 Gray PVC Pipe 

Chemkor Schedule 40 Gray Pipe 

For more than a quarter of a century PVC Type I, Grade!, Schedule 40 piping systems have been successfully used for pressure and drainage systems in industrial, residential, commercial and agricultural installations. PVC Schedule 40 is ideal for applications where transmission of liquids or materials does not exceed 140°F. The life expectancy of plastic systems far exceeds that of metal systems and required maintenance is less complicated and cost effective. Systems are not adversely affected by environmental agents and buried systems are not adversely affected by normal soil contaminants. The inherent insulating qualities of PVC Schedule 40 provides substantial benefits in temperature control, and in commercial installations, sound transmission is greatly reduced. Joining is accomplished through solvent cementing, threading or Flanging, insulation is generally not required, and extensive material handling and fabricating equipment is not necessary.