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CPVC Instaduct Pipe and Fittings

FABCO CPVC DUCT available in sizes 6” thru to 24” Diameter for Institutional and Industrial hot fume service. 

Fabco’s new CPVC duct provides superior resistance to corrosion and chemical attack. Its lightweight and high-strength characteristics allow for easy, low-cost installation in a wide range of applications such as waste water treatment facilities, metal finishing and plating operations, anodizing and laboratory uses.

Sizes: 6" to 24" Diameters

Length: 10' or 20'



  • is lightweight allowing easy, low-cost installation.
  • can be welded or solvent cemented keeping installation costs down.
  • material has excellent flame resistant characteristics when tested to various ASTM and UL standards.
  • is readily available with fabricated fittings of all configurations. Contact Fabco for pricing.


  • resists chemical and corrosive attack preventing expensive maintenance, replacement and downtime.
  • meets ASTM material standard D-1784.
  • safely withstands temperatures of up to 180°F making it ideal for drain and hot, nonflammable, corrosive fume service.
  • is extruded to IPS dimensions.

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