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Fire Retardent PP Instaduct pipe


Fire retardant polypropylene for hoods and duct systems answers the problems of in-plant safety departments. Corrosive and toxic fumes are removed safely and down time is eliminated as the fire retardant polypropylene (PPS) resists corrosion. Fire retardant polypropylene can attain a V-O rating according to UL-94 test for flammability of plastic materials. The incorporation of additives such as organic Bromine or Antimony compounds gives the PPS the fire retardant resistance. PPS is chemical and solvent resistant, has a hard surface and low moisture absorbency. Its temperature resistance is up to 100°C (212°F). The material is easily hand welded or fused like normal polypropylene. Care should be exercised in outdoor applications due to limited outdoor weathering resistance.

Standard Length: 5 metres

Colour: Light Grey (limited UV resistance

Fittings available upon request

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