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Instaduct PVC Pipe



FABCO Plastics makes the design, assembly and installation of Industrial Fume Exhaust systems easier with new, seamless, moulded, quick connecting, belled-end, rigid PVC INSTADUCT Fittings. 

Now, for the first time, FABCO INSTADUCT fittings allow ventilation systems, up to 24" in diameter to be assembled by Solvent Welding, substantially reducing installation time and the associated costs. 

FABCO's new INSTADUCT Fittings from 6" to 24" in diameter are machine moulded, one piece construction, with elbows being smooth flowing thus reducing turbulence and static pressure. INSTADUCT fittings are extremely robust and sturdy, yet lightweight and easy to handle in the shop or on the job-site.

Manufactured of Type I Grade I PVC, FABCO's INSTADUCT Fittings are corrosion resistant and are capable of withstanding temperatures up to 140°F. For special applications involving higher temperatures with abrasive airborne particulate mixed with noxious fumes,

To compliment the moulded, one-piece INSTADUCT fittings, FABCO also offers a full range of Custom Fabricated fittings.. Ducting systems above 24" in diameter will also employ fabricated fittings, manufactured in our modern Thermoplastic Fabrication facility, employing the most up-to-date and efficient manufacturing methods.  With over 25 years experience in Custom Plastics Engineering and Fabrication, FABCO offers the INSTADUCT System, our latest innovation and a part of our Overall Commitment to supply industry with systems of Peerless Quality and Design.

Welded construction supplied with socket (belled) ends, fabricated from extruded duct pipe. Call Fabco for special or custom manufactured duct fittings.

SIZES: 6" TO 32"

Length: 20'


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