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Structural Shapes

EXTREN® is a proprietary combination of fiberglass reinforcements and thermosetting polyester or vinyl ester resin systems. It is produced in more than 100 standard shapes and all shapes have a surface veil to protect against glass fibers penetrating the resin surface in service and to increase corrosion and UV resistance. EXTREN® is offered in three series designed for different environments and applications.

Series 500

An all-purpose series utilizing an isophthalic polyester resin system with a UV inhibitor. Colour: Olive Green

Series 525

An all-purpose series utilizing a fire retardant isophthalic polyester resin system with a UV inhibitor. Colour: Slate Gray (plus certain handrail and fixed ladder components in yellow)

Series 625

A premium series both fire retardant and highly corrosion resistant utilizing a vinyl ester resin system with a UV inhibitor. Colour: Beige


JOINING - EXTREN® can be fastened mechanically with screws, bolts or rivets. FIBREBOLT ® fiberglass studs and hex nuts (available from FABCO) can also be used with EXTREN®. EXTREN® can be joined by adhesives. The strongest connections can be made by using a combination of mechanical fasteners with adhesives. Suggested fabrication techniques for EXTREN® are covered in MMFG’s EXTREN® Fabrication and Repair Manual.

EXTREN® shapes and sheet can be sawed, drilled, routed and turned on a lathe or other machine tool. Punching should be limited to thicknesses of 3/16" and under. Carbide or diamond-tipped saw blades and tool bits are recommended for faster speeds and longer tool life. Cut edges should always be sealed. EXTREN® cannot be bent, rolled or pressed, as can steel.



  • Wastewater Treatment Plants
  • Chemical Plants
  • Pulp and Paper Plants
  • Greenhouses
  • Circuit Board Plating
  • Trade Show Booths
  • Electrical Switch Gear
  • Flue Gas Desulferization and Cooling Tower Components
  • Offshore Platforms
  • Structural and miscellaneous components near salt water
  • Electrical Equipment Housing
  • Cable Tray Components


  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Low Conductivity - Thermally and Electrically
  • Non-Magnetic - Electromagnetic
  • Lightweight
  • High Strength
  • Dimensional Stability
  • Low Maintenance

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