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Containment Tanks

Smaller dual-containment tanks provide added safety and environmental protection in more confined or remote storage locations. The advanced double-wall tank design is enclosed to prohibit foreign matter from entering the secondary containment tank, and a unique octagonal shape provides optimal spacing and sealing surface for the industry’s most reliable transition fitting. The revolutionary Captor Containment System is designed to alleviate the ever-changing environmental and safety concerns regarding bulk chemical storage and containment for the 21st century. Captor’s unique tank-in-a-tank design enables users and specifiers to incorporate advanced performance and safety features on a bulk-handling system, which provides total containment protection. Captor’s double-wall construction is completely enclosed so that external matter, such as dust, rain and snow is prevented from collecting in the outer containment tank. Besides delivering unparalleled performance benefits, Captor Containment Systems also contribute to your company’s bottom line by significantly reducing installation and procurement cost. Captors are shipped fully assembled on either a standard or wide-load flatbed trailer, which reduces comparable costs by an average of 35 percent. Ladders, fittings, mixer mounts and other accessories must be specified when ordering.

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