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Open top PE Cylindrical Tanks


Rugged, natural colour cylindrical tanks are available in a wide range of sizes. All are rotationally moulded of tough polyethylene for years of trouble-free use.  Acceptable up to 500 imperial gallon capacity without external support for specific gravity of 1.5 or less at temperatures up to150°F constant, 170°F intermittent. Tanks larger than 500 gallons need external support if temperature exceeds 100°F or specific gravity exceeds 1.2. All tanks regardless of load or temperature must be fully supported on the base, with no overhang.  These tanks must be placed on Level Floor or Solid Base.  The Standard colour is natural.

Materials: Polyethylene, Cross-Linked Polyethylene

Sizes Available: 5 Imperial Gallons to 3905 Imperial Gallons

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