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PVDF Fittings

PVDF (Kynar®) Schedule 80 fittings

Polyvinylidene Floride (PVDF) is a strong, tough, and abrasion resistant fluorocarbon material. It resists distortion and retains most of its strength to 280°F. It is chemically resistant to most acids, bases and organic solvents and is ideally suited for handling wet or dry chlorine, bromine and other halogens. No other solid thermoplastic piping components can approach the combination of strength, chemical resistance and working temperatures of PVDF. PVDF is joined by the thermo-seal fusion process, threading or flanging.


  • Semiconductor
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Chemical processing
  • Ultra pure water
  • Metal finishing
  • Pulp and paper
  • hot corrosive liquids
  • chemical processing
  • Deionized water systems
  • Food processing


  • Available in a variet of configurations
  • Available in diameters up to 6”
  • Larger diameter pipe available upon request
  • Lightweight for quick and easy installation
  • Reduced friction limits energy requirements
* for the best performances on cell phones, keep your device horizontally

The following Schedule 80 PVDF fittings are available in all nominal pipe diameters in both black and natural. Please contact customer service for availability:

  • Socket Tees
  • Threaded Tees
  • 90 Degree Socket Elbows
  • 90 Degree Threaded Elbows
  • 45 Degree Socket Elbows
  • 45 Degree Threaded Elbows
  • 150 lb. Socket Flanges
  • 150 lb. Threaded Flanges
  • 150 lb Blind Flanges
  • Female Adaptors
  • Socket Caps
  • Threaded Caps
  • Socket Couplings
  • Threaded Couplings
  • Socket Reducing Tees
  • Socket Unions
  • Threaded Unions
  • Reducing Bushings (Soc x Soc)
  • Reducing Bushings (Soc x FPT)
  • Reducing Bushings (MPT x FPT)

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