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LXT Fittings

LXT Low-extractable fittings for Ultra-Pure Water Systems


For more than a quarter of a century PVC Type I, Grade I, Schedule 40 piping systems have been successfully used for pressure and drainage systems in industrial, residential, commercial and agricultural installations.  PVC Schedule 40 white pipe is ideal for applications requiring improved aesthetic qualities.  PVC Schedule 40 is ideal for applications where transmission of liquids or materials does not exceed 140°F.  The life expectancy of plastic systems far exceeds that of metal systems and required maintenance is simpler and less costly.  PVC Schedule 40 has a smooth interior surface that minimizes head pressure loss through friction, it minimizes rust and oxidation, and is generally impervious to scaling or contaminant buildups. Systems are not adversely affected by environmental agents and buried systems are not adversely affected by normal soil contaminants.  The inherent insulating qualities of PVC Schedule 40 provides substantial benefits in temperature control, and in commercial installations, sound transmission is greatly reduced.  Installation costs are minimized through the use of PVC Schedule 40 since the materials are generally lower cost, materials are light weight and easier to handle, joining is accomplished through solvent cementing, threading or flanging, insulation is generally not required, and extensive material handling and fabricating equipment is not necessary.

Fabco / Harvel LXT™ piping systems provide a cost-effective alternative to other piping materials typically used for ultra-pure water applications in the semiconductor, electronics, biotechnology and other industries. Lower material costs combined with fast, reliable installation greatly reduce installation costs – resulting in significant savings without jeopardizing water quality.  In addition to significant cost savings, Fabco / Harvel LXT piping systems offer several other advantages for ultra-pure water applications. These include: non-contaminating material with extremely low-extractable contaminants (particularly TOC and trace metals), ultra-smooth interior walls, strong Schedule 80 dimensions, specialty one-step solvent-cement joining system that cures fast, and unique translucency for visual inspection of joint integrity.



  • Semi-conductors
  • Electronics
  • Biotechnical
  • RO water
  • DI Water
  • Dialysis
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Disease research


  • Complete line of pipe, fittings and valves up to 6”
  • Strong Schedule 80 dimensions
  • Reduces leachable contamination
  • Exceptionally smooth interior walls
  • Fast reliable installation
  • Proprietary one-step solvent Cement
  • Unique blue translucency enables visual inspection of joints
* for the best performances on cell phones, keep your device horizontally

The following LXT fittings are available in all nominal pipe diameters.    Please contact customer service for availablility:

  • Socket Tees
  • 90 Degree Socket Elbows
  • 45 Degree Socket Elbows
  • 150 lb. Socket Flanges
  • Socket Vanstone Flanges
  • Female Adaptors
  • Male Adapters
  • Socket Caps
  • Socket Couplings
  • Socket Reducing Tees
  • Reducing Bushings (Soc x Soc)
  • Socket Reducing Couplings

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