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PVC fittings, clear S40

Clear PVC Schedule 40 and Schedule 80 Fittings

Fabco Clear Rigid PVC piping systems provides a versatile, cost-effective alternative for many piping applications, particularly those where visual monitoring of processes is critical.

The benefits of rigid PVC piping systems are well recognized: exceptional corrosion resistance; smooth interior walls for unimpeded flow and reduced sediment buildup; non-contaminating for purity applications; fast, reliable solvent-welded connections; good pressure-bearing capability; and ease of handling and installation, to name a few.

All of these important benefits are now available in a unique product with optimum clarity. This clarity provides the all-round visibility that specialized applications demand — whether it be clean room applications, sight glass, dual-containment or various other processing applications where continuous monitoring is necessary.


  • Sight Glass
  • Dual Containment
  • Food Processing
  • Chemical Processing
  • Medical use
  • Cosmetics
  • Visual Testing Equipment


  • Available in a wide variety of configurations
  • Available in socket and threaded, and flanged ends
  • Reduce operating pressure by 50% for threaded fittings
  • Available in ¼” to 8” diameters
  • Available in 10’ lengths, plain end
  • Simple solvent weld joining
  • Fully compatible with standard PVC pipe and fittings
  • Corrosion resistant and lightweight
  • Packaged in boxes on line to eliminate scratches
* for the best performances on cell phones, keep your device horizontally

The following Schedule 40 Clear PVC fittings are available in all nominal pipe diameters.  Many are only available fabricated and by special order.  Please contact customer service for availablility.

  • Socket Tees
  • 90 Degree Socket Elbows
  • 45 Degree Socket Elbows
  • Female Adapters
  • Socket Couplings
  • Socket Caps
  • Male Adapters
  • Reducing Bushings (Soc x Soc)

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