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Clamp-It Tapping saddles

The Clamp-It Tapping saddles allow you to tap into existing piping systems without having to cut out and insert a tee. The O-ring and O-ring groove are designed so that there is no gap between the installed saddle and the pipe. When pressure is applied the pipe compression is replaced by the fluid pressure without increasing the pressure on the saddle. The hinge design eliminates the need for two clamping wedges. The clamping wedge equally distributes the pressure over the entire width of the saddle. It locks and aligns the saddle top and bottom into proper position.

Threaded Metal Insert and Stainless Steel Collar are molded-in-place as an Integral part of each fitting for superior strength. Secondary O-ring seal compensates for expansion and contraction variation between materials. Low Profile design. Available in sizes from 1/2" to 2" IPS. Manufactured from high quality CPVC and PVC materials for superior chemical resistance. Metal Inserts 316 Stainless Steel or Brass

Transition Unions

The computer engineered design minimizes stress problems normally associated with metal-to-plastic piping system transitions. Patented design is backed by over twenty-five years of research and fitting development.  The strong Industrial grade metal-to –plastic Schedule 80 Transition Fittings feature molded-in-place metal threads with form compressed O-ring for optimum expansion and contraction barrier. ASTM Schedule 80 slip sockets and ANSI spec tapered pipe threads for leak-tight connections.

PVC and CPV S80 Expansion Joints

These expansion joints are fabricated from either PVC or CPVC and are available for Iron pipe sizes from 1/2" to as high as 12". They contain multi O-ring Viton® Seals with "Wiper" O-ring and requires no repair or replacement.

Flange Gaskets

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