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Gas Vent Pipe

GVS Gas Venting System

The GVS-65 is a complete PVC pipe system designed for use as BH, Class II gas vent with a maximum operating temperature of 65oC. The GVS-65 gas appliance system has been third party certified ULC S636-95. This system included pipe, fittings, solvent cement and primer. Only GVS-65 components may be used as part of the system. Do not use fittings, pipe, solvent cement or primer from any other manufacturer with the GVS-65 Gas Venting System.



• Furnaces

• Fireplaces

• Boilers

• Water Heaters



• Certified under ULC S636-95

• Complete system includes pipe, fittings, cement and primer

• Available from 1 1/2" to 4" diameter

• All pipe, fittings and cement are labeled as certified

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